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    Our consulting and management services were created out of demand. When you take an industry with multiple obstacles to achieve success, sometimes it makes sense to reach out for help from experts. The team at managemed has over 25 years of experience in the medical waste and document shredding fields. Our professionals have a proven track record in positive growth, profit, and sustainability. We also realize that relationships are a cornerstone in achieving these goals. Let us use our previously established relationships to take your business to the next level. The managemed team is ready to help you grow your existing company or even start a new medical waste company from scratch. Managemed offers everything from turn key programs to just support on sales and marketing. The options are endless and the choice is easy. We will make you successful and save you money while getting there. Here are a few of the programs we offer:

                            * Front end and administrative needs

                            * Custom software

                            * Sales and marketing plans

                            * Billing, routing, and manifesting

                            * Discounts through the managemed bulk purchasing plan

                            * Introduction to current leaders in the industry

" When I first started in the medical waste disposal business, it was a very tight lipped industry. I would make endless calls asking for help on multiple fronts with zero results. I told myself that going down that path was not for me. I was blessed to surround myself with great people that drove my success in building and maintaining multiple businesses in this field. I started to help others with more than just answers to questions which has grown into a business of its' own. Now I am in a place with an experienced team, connections, and a proven track record to help others grow and succeed in this field. So give me call and let me use the knowledge, I had to learn the hard way, to help your medical waste company thrive! " 


                                                                                             Matt Norcross