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Medical Waste Services

By definition, medical waste is defined as being any potentially infectious waste or material that has come into contact with bodily fluids while being used in the diagnosis, treatment, and/or immunization of a human or animal. Medical waste can include items such as needles, bandages, gloves, and much more.

At managemed, we make it easy to properly dispose of medical waste in the appropriate containers for easy and stress-free removal. Whether you are in a hospital, dental office, or vet clinic,managemed can work with you to create the perfect medical waste schedule to remove medical waste from your facility in a safe and responsible manner. 

Just like you cannot throw away medical waste in a regular trash container, you cannot simply transport medical waste without the proper permits and paperwork.

With over 20 years of industry experience, managemed has the expertise, paperwork, and permits to transport medical waste throughout the lower 48 states. We put in the effort to make sure we comply with regulations in order keep everyone safe. 

Proper medical waste disposal is not only for our safety and to keep our environment clean, but it is also the law. Managemed knows the proper way to dispose of different types of hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste including sharps, chemicals, and other biomedical waste.

Managemed offers affordable medical waste disposal and strives to stay knowledgeable and compliant with state and federal regulations surrounding the proper removal, transport, and disposal of medical waste so that you worry less about medical waste and focus more on what matters the most in your practice or business. 

Whether you are in a hospital setting or you use needles at home for routine injections due to health issues, you should always dispose of sharps properly. Sharps should always be placed in a proper sharps container after use to avoid unnecessary cuts, pricks, or punctures.

At managemed, our services include bio-hazard containers and bio-hazard bags. We also offer OSHA training online to help keep your employees up-to-date on the proper way to handle sharps containers and sharps safety. 

Pharmaceutical waste, including unused and outdated prescriptions, make their way into our drinking water each year. Proper pharmaceutical disposal and RX disposal can help keep our water clean and can also help prevent accidental exposure and abuse.

At managemed, it is our goal to safely and properly remove and dispose of expired and unused medications in order to keep your clinic or business compliant. Give ManageMed a call today so we can help you put together a plan to manage your pharmaceutical waste. 

Proper waste segregation is vital in properly disposing of medical waste. Biohazard bags are specifically created to contain medical or biohazardous waste.

If you have any questions about what should or what should not go into a biohazard bag or biohazard box, all you have to do is give managemed a call. We can even provide training to help you properly manage your biomedical waste stream. 

The goal in creating a DOH biomedical waste plan is to create a plan to keep your team, our team, and the public safe from potentially infectious wastes. When biomedical waste is not properly removed, transported, and disposed of, it puts everyone at risk.

If your business, office, or clinic produces medical waste, then you need to have a biomedical waste plan. Managemed works with clients from coast to coast. We understand the different laws, rules, and regulations governing biomedical waste and can help you put together a DOH Approved Biomedical Waste Plan that is customized for your facility.